Struggling to get the Perfect Bib for an Infant: Here is all you must know

Buying bibs for your infant can be a tricky business. While most people will not find anything peculiar about this task, there are so many factors to consider before finalizing your purchase. Right from the age of your child to the differential purpose of the bib, there is so much thought to put in this small product. Here is a compilation of everything that you must know before buying a bib-

Is a Bib Important for a Newborn?

It is generally recommended that newborn babies wear bibs as they are likely to throw up a bit while breastfeeding. On the contrary, you will have to time and again run to change your child’s clothes if he spits up. Additionally, it is advisable to tie the bib from the sides as it is easily removable.

What should be the Highlights of a Good Bib?

A lot of people tend to overlook the features of a bib while buying it. However, there are certain factors that must be taken into account if you want your purchase to be fruitful. Here is what a bib must have-

·         Superior Material

·         Soft Backing

·         Adjustable

·         Sustainable

·         Stylish

All these features are generally encapsulated in silicone bibs.

What Styles of Bib should I Opt for?

There are different kinds of bibs available in the market, but three prominently chosen ones are feeding bibs, newborn bibs, and large bibs. The most common usage of bibs is while feeding a baby. Feeding bibs are designed using silicone or rubber with a structure that has a catchment. This makes it incredibly easy for catching food and cleaning it later without creating a mess. Amiuma Silicone Baby Bib with silica gel is quite promising in this category. They have good surface area for proper holding of food and consequent cleaning.

Additionally, they are of an appropriate size and cannot be deemed too small for usage. Ideal for kids between 1 to 3 years of age, it is also waterproof and safe to use for your children. You also get five different color variants to choose from, which is a bonus because it also looks aesthetically pleasing.

The best part is that it can be worn apart from the feeding purpose also, making it multifunctional.

Wrapping Up

If you know the purpose of purchasing a bib for your child, it is not very difficult to land on an ideal product. Choosing a silicone bib is quite preferable as it’s not only functional but sustainable.

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