Top Five Headband Patterns for your Cute Baby Girl

Not a lot of people pay heed to accessorizing their children, but small elements can actually amp up the whole look. For instance, using a head accessory that matches the clothes will make your baby girl look much more put together and thoughtfully dressed.

As far as the accessories are concerned, parents become clueless as to what they should invest in. If you are parenting a baby girl, then the certain answer is a headband. A very effortless clothing element, a headband can change the look from drab to fab. To guide you further into this, here is the list of five headband patterns that can be a great choice.

1.  Solid Colored Headbands

You can never go wrong with a pair of solid colored headbands. Buying them in a bunch will help you have options for mixing and matching with a number of clothing pieces. Ensure that the set you go for has a basic color, a bright alternative, and a dark shade. This will keep you covered for the most part.

2.  Printed Bow Knot Headbands

Headbands are mostly used for infants, so having cute prints binds together the vibe of the look. For instance, having your child’s favourite fruit on her headband will excite her for wearing the same.

As far as the knotted pattern is concerned, it frames the face just to add that extra bit of cuteness.

3.  Striped Knot Headbands

There are certain fashion trends you can never go wrong with and one of them has to be stripes. White stripes on a soft colored headband will significantly transform your baby girl’s appearance.

4.  Solid Bud Headbands

Apart from the knotted pattern, one of the most popular headband variants is buds. Soft small buds on the side of the head as per the headband placement can amplify any outfit for the better.

5.  Flower Pink Headbands

Again a variant of the bud headbands, flower pink set is in perfect sync with the girly vibe. Having pink aesthetics and appropriate patterns for infants makes it apt for girl children.


With the amount of fashion inspiration and alternatives available, it is an absolute fail to not accessorize your kids. In the plethora of options in the accessory section, headbands play the role of being both minimalistic, yet significant to the look. You can buy these headbands in sets and remain sorted for a long time. 

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