Why are Teethers Necessary for Babies?

Teething, as commonly known, is a difficult time for your infants. Babies go through a lot of discomfort and face swollen gums when their first teeth begin to show signs of emergence. To ease the process a little bit, parents popularly put teethers to use. 

But, what is a teether?

Teether is a soft toy that can be chewed to eliminate discomfort arising from teething. Putting this toy to practical use makes this evolutionary phase far more bearable for children. However, buying a teether involves a lot of eccentricities, like taking into account the shape, size, material, etc. And even when the selection process is done, using it effectively is another challenging part.

Let’s see how you can use teethers to derive maximum pain relief benefits.

When do Babies Need Teethers?

Babies need teethers as and when they experience first signs of teething. Teething age is different for different kids and mostly aligns with family history. However, in a general vein, the time of teething for children is between ages of 6 to 24 months.

No matter what the age is, early signs of teething would show discomfort and a chewing tendency.

What is the Right Way to use Teethers?

It’s important to check your infant’s mouth before giving him a teether to avoid overlooking a sneaky object in there. Additionally, do consult a paediatrician to get a soothing gel prescribed for your child as teethers solely cannot get rid of all the pain. It does have a comforting effect, but is far more effective when used alongside some medication.

Teethers are prominently available in three variants- silicone, wood, rubber. Each has its own perks, making them suitable for your children. You should never compromise on essential features like safety, hygiene, design, and the material it is made of.

It is advisable to use a teether after placing it in a refrigerator because that makes it far more chewable and numbing for the gums. However, this generalization is not true for wooden teethers that expand and become less effective when refrigerated.

What is the Correct Time to Stop Using Teethers?

Although teethers do have a positive effect on the growth of teeth, it is only advisable to stop their usage in due time. Most doctors suggest that the use of teethers beyond the age of two can interfere with their oral and dental health.

So, do not use teethers constantly without considering a paediatrician’s advice. 

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